The Rooms

Karakandji offers you clean, comfortable rooms for short or extended stays in Bangui.

Short stay rooms include:
• Single with shared bath
• Single with private bath
• Double with shared bath

Extended stay rooms include:
• Single with kitchenette and private bath
• Single with shared kitchen and bath
• Studio Apartment with private kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath.

In an effort to promote local artists and help them develop in their art, most room furnishings and decorations are handmade by local artists.  A passion for the Central African environment means that, most decorations are made out of natural materials – grass, wood, seeds and stones. In some cases, recycled materials such as tin cans have been used.

The rooms are made so that you can relax, make yourself at home, and work efficiently in your personal space. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning for your comfort. Due to regular challenges with public utilities in Bangui, day and night staff are all trained in use of the private generator, and on-site tanks provide water storage in case of cuts in supply.

All rooms have easy access to the common living room, dining room, garden gazebo and porch furniture. In the common livingroom you can find yourself a book, relax, watch satellite television or play a game. In the garden you can enjoy the beautiful plants and flowers, have a coffee or a meal, or just discover the small personal details that are hidden among the green leaves.